Uncommon Life Ministries

Freedom is The One Who is Uncommon Life, Living in You

Everyone either is or has been addicted to something or someone. Some addictions seem harder to break than others. All addictions are cheap substitutes for the life that Jesus freely gives. Are you tired of failing? Does your life seem to be crumbling around you? At Uncommon Recovery we can share with you the Life that even death could not defeat and

equip you to live in His uncommon life. 

Shame is a Fundamental Part of Every Addiction

Shame devalues! You precious one were created to come alive in the glory of God and find your immense value in love and grace. Shame will tell you that addiction is a fit for you. That's a huge lie! You are made in the image of God. The only thing that fits you is His uncommon life. Find out more through our teaching video Identity and Addiction located on our media page in Uncommon Recovery Videos.

Imagine Living Life with Peace and Confidence

You can! It's part of the package deal that is the life of Jesus within His children. HIs life is gifted to you by grace through faith! Listen struggling one, when you know your best efforts at change are not working, or will not work, you are ready to live in His gifted life. Learn more through our Media and Resource pages including "Letting His Light Shine in Darkness" located in the Uncommon Recovery Videos.