Suggested Reading

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  • The Holy Bible: By God through various human writing instruments.

    The Bible is God's written love letter(s) to man. Since God stands on His own two feet so does the Bible. It is man's rule of faith and practice. The Bible reveals the glory of God. Only the Bible can be read with child-like faith in the author. 

  • Uncommon Life: By Don Steve

    Jesus freely gives every child of God a salvation that is more glorious, more beautiful, more intimate, and more effective than we could ever imagine. Why is it that so many Christians would describe their life as less than glorious, beautiful, intimate, and effective? Could it be that the enemy of God uses every means available to effectively cover-up the glory and simplicity of the salvation that Jesus gives? Uncommon Life reveals the stunning beauty and captivating glory of what God has already done for you while exposing the enemy's tactics to keep God's glorious salvation under wraps. Uncommon Life is a journey of discovery with God. What you discover will change your life and perspective on life forever.

  • Uncommon Recovery: By Don Steve

    You were created for life in all its fullness. All addictions are compulsive attempts to gain some sense of life. The compulsion stems from the fact that you were made for life! Learn to live in a gifted life that is so powerful and complete that even death could not overcome it! Literally, nothing can stand in your way except your own refusal to live in freedom and fulness. Discover the life of Christ as your source of uncommon recovery and learn to stand in simple, child-like faith against the distractions that can hinder us from truly living.

  • Freedom from Addiction: By Neil Anderson & Mike Quarles

    Freedom from Addiction promotes the indwelling life of Christ as the solution to addiction. Mike Quarles writing and testimony are wonderful examples of coming to the end of one's own resources only to discover the fullness and power of Christ's life within.  Neil Anderson's writings were one of the things that sparked my own interest in spiritual warfare and addiction.

  • Classic Christianity: Bob George

    One man's enlightening journey of discovering Christ within and the power of His life. Classic Christianity highlights the bondage of trying to live for God instead of allowing God to live in and through you. It's a classic in our library.

  • Handbook to Happiness: Dr. Charles Solomon

    "The author, in departing from traditional psychological approaches, leads distressed people directly to the Cross of Christ – not just for the eternal life Jesus promised, but for the abundant life, here and now." Handbook to Happiness was the book God used to open my eyes (Don) to the fact that there was more to salvation than my own feeble efforts to make Christianity work. God lead me to this book during a very dark time in my life and used the Biblical truth Dr. Solomon in Handbook to Happiness to set me free from severe depression.

  • The Hurt & The Healer: Andrew Farley & Bart Millard

    Co-written by Dr. Andrew Farley and Bart Millard of Mercy Me. This book points hurting individuals away from independent self-help efforts to the Healer who lives within His children. It is a simple, Biblical presentation of the power of Christ's life that every believer posseses.

  • The Saving Life of Christ: Major W. Ian Thomas

    The Saving Life of Christ offers a deep glimpse into the glory of Christ's life in His children. God's character and His passion to deliver is manifest throughout  the book. I (Don) consider it one of the best!

  • Besides Still Waters: Cherri Raws Freeman

    A much need resource for those with loved ones struggling with addiction. "Beside Still Waters: Discovering Peace in the Midst of Your Child's Addiction deals with topics such as denial, worry, enabling, guilt feelings, codependency, legal issues, signs of addiction, and more.  Although written from a mother's heart to other mothers, the book can also be helpful for fathers or anyone who loves someone in addiction."

  • Addiction & Grace: Gerald G. May M.D.

    Addiction and Grace is a classic work on God's redemptive grace and addiction. It offers much insight into the addiction process. It is also somewhat of a testimony of Gerald May's own journey of discovering the relevancy of God's grace and human suffering.

  • The Bondage Breaker: Neil Anderson

    The Bondage Breaker provides valuable insight into the relevancy of spiritual warfare and mental health including addiction. Many books on suffering and  spiritual warfare and suffering want to blame everything on the enemy and teach individuals to recite mechanical prayers as the key to overcoming. The Bondage Breaker is not one of those books. The Bondage Breaker treats spiritual warfare as the component part of human bondage that it often is and offers a Biblical, devotional means to deal with the enemy.